The Beach

Last night I was feeling sorry for myself. My sister had a friend, my brother brought his girlfriend, my mom had her friend, my dad was just sleeping he doesn’t count…and I didn’t have anyone to hangout with. So I called Coco to see if she could make the drive to Seaside, but she made a last minute plan to go to Texas. Whatever, I’ll just read. But an hour last my friend Peter texted me…asking me if I was in seaside and how long I was going to be there..turns out he and a few other high school friends were going to be in Seaside in a few hours! What crazy luck, before that text I was really bummed!

After awhile I met them at the rooftop bar Whiskey Bravo, they had the BEST Mai Tai’s by the way. And after about an hour Megan was wasted and sleeping in the lounge chair. We got the bill, that was nearly 200 bucks…I only had one drink so I wasn’t so worried but Peter was a perfect gent and payed the entire thing (I guess the army pays). We walked down to the beach, I was kinda dressed up wearing nice jeans so I just took them off. But once we got to the water everyone just striped. So what the hell I’ve never been skinny dipping, so what better place than the ocean!? We swam out to our chests/necks, and just talked and laughed. I was so blissfully happy in that moment. We swam for hours in the moon light, I wasn’t even scared. Ha and we had been talking about sharks and whatever other creepy animals there are out there. Jessica was picking up all these little sand dollars with her feet and collecting them on the beach. We had made a beer run too, and just drank and swam and floated it was such an amazing night! I got tired and left before anyone else and I remember looking back at them swimming. One of the best nights I’ve had. I don’t think I’ll ever forget…that feeling of just floating looking up at the moon listening to my friends laugh.

The next morning I woke up late. I biked to town with my mom for lunch. It was about 100 degrees out, and we were so nasty sweaty. I had fun riding the bike I hadn’t been on one in many many many years, and I was a little wobbly! We were also miserable riding in the heat…so once we got back to the house my mom and I just ran into the pool, fully clothed but what the hell it’s vacation!  (I even put my dog Cellar in the bike basket! So cute!)

I went down to the beach…I body surfed with my sister & talked in the shallow water where there weren’t any waves. My dad was so drunk but nice funny drunk. He was talking about how I have to take his grandchildren (I don’t have kids, I’m not even dating) to see him when he retires to the beach! Gosh and he was talking to my mom about my sister and I getting married, and how he needs to start saving… I said I’ve got no kids and no boy and my sister is 13….

After everyone (except my sister) went to dinner at Bud & Alley’s. We all had so much fun, drinking, eating and laughing our asses off…my dad was fucking with the waiter who we think was a tab bit high. Days like these make life so perfect!



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