Growing Up

It seems like whenever I open facebook someone else is married or has a kid. I’m only 24, most of my friends are close in age. How is it that they all have real jobs, real marriages, and real babies. I bet they come home, take off their boring office suits and make a decent looking dinner, and put said dinner on their nice china (they got for their wedding, I’m sure). That’s not my life. I get home from my shit waitressing job, say hello to my mother, peal off my God awful uniform and eat the dinner my mother lovingly prepared for me. Yes, I live rent free and my mama makes me dinner. Thats awesome, it truly is. But I need to grow the fuck up! I want boring office skirts, I want to make my own dinner. I want to pay rent. I want! I’m so thankful I found something I’m passionate about, and I’m lucky enough to be able to go to school for it. It’s just not fast enough.

I just opened up an invite to a Christmas Eve party. I don’t mean clicked open, this actually came via postal service! Just a few years ago I got the same invite, just much different. This one explains there will be hors d’oeuvres, men will be dressed in ties, bottles of wine but if you have a preference you may bring your own. What’s this about…no tacky Christmas sweaters? Where is the keg? Don’t y’all have a hot tub?

Because I didn’t follow the game plan I’m so behind. I feel like we are all in the 3rd grade, but I keep getting held back. So as my friends grow and progress, I’m still at the same. I have split feelings about where I am in life. I love that I have real life experience and I’ve fought for my life and sanity, my eyes have been open. But sometimes I’d do anything to feel like everyone else. I’ll have a grown up career, husband and kids just not at 24. Today that’s just fine with me.



One thought on “Growing Up

  1. Don’t sweat it girl – everything will fall into place for you in due time. Keep movin’ ahead and good things will happen! 🙂

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