Getting Happy

The past year my one and only focus was to get happy, be happy, feel happy, and not lie about being happy. That was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. You can’t just wake up and be happy. Being happy takes a shit ton of work. But when you focus on just one thing in life, you miss some life. I didn’t do anything else other than get zen with myself.

Then I woke up one morning, and realized I was happy. Shit I did it. I wasn’t sure how I did it.  I wouldn’t  go write an award winning self help book or anything like that. I just cleaned my temple of all negative bullshit. I found that happiness for me was more of a content feeling with myself. I liked who I was at that moment. I’ve never looked in the mirror and been happy with the person looking back. That morning I liked who I was.

After a few months, I looked around and I didn’t have anything. No fun Friday night plans, hardly any friends, no career…and defiantly no future career in sight, no one to wake up too. Nothing, just my happiness. So happiness soon passed. I didn’t go falling down into a sea of depression, but I did realize I did my journey to happiness wrong.

For happiness to work in the long run I needed some plans.


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